Thailand, here I come!

On Monday afternoon I will be taking flights from Athens to Abu Dhabi, then Abu Dhabi to Bangkok in Thailand.  Before that I will be leaving my home in Corfu, Greece and flying to Athens. Whether I fly in winter or summer, I allow an extra day in case of strikes, bad storms or even fog coming in and delaying my flight. This extra day has paid off many times.

I will be travelling with my favourite airline ,Etihad airways. It seems apt that they were the first airline to take me to Thailand and now I am returning for an indefinite stay,  I am travelling with them again. Their service at Economy level flying is fantastic.

I actually love long haul flights. Since you can go nowhere while you are on the aircraft , I use the time to relax and enjoy myself. The food and snacks seem endless and they provide gluten free for me with no hassle. The drinks are free flowing too, but since I am a non drinker I appreciate the endless water and juice….and great joy!Filtered coffee than you can actually enjoy.

I settle down and choose which new movies to watch, or read my book, or even chant mantras silently to myself. I might just frighten people if I do it out loud lol. If the flight gets turbulent  I put on some chill out music and the headphones. It seems to help with the turbulence and relaxes me. If I am near a noisy child or even a noisy adult, then my silicone ear plugs are the best solution ever. Keep a smile on my face and they think you are super tolerant and happy.


But the flight  that is too early tomorrow morning is only for an hour. I usually have just a quick coffee on board as they never serve a snack I can actually eat. I will get to Athens then have a free shuttle bus to the sea front hotel I have booked. I booked it online and got a good price, two free shuttles too and from the airport and a big buffet breakfast. I can happily live with that at just forty euros. It is cheaper than taking a taxi at the airport.

I enjoy the extra night, time to have a nice meal at a local tavern, a refreshing walk along the sea front and then a hot shower and early night to relax and get some sleep. I might even watch a bit of tv for the novelty value as I sold mine months ago. Hopefully the hotel will have a good wifi connection so my friends don’t all send me messages on my phone asking if I have arrived in Thailand yet. Not yet my friends!

Next day I have time for a leisurely big breakfast, hopefully gluten free as requested. They will take me to the airport where I have to be three hours before check in. It is easy with Etihad and the staff are very polite and helpful. I love Athens airport, compact and no frills and airs and graces….a bit like me really .

I will have time for one of the delicious hot cappuchinos at the café there and at the moment the caramel cappuchino has my name on it. My first flight is five hours, then I have  a break for three hours at Abu Dhabi airports. I love the airports in the  Middle East, with their polite and efficient staff and easy transfer of luggage that they take responsibility for. Qatar airways only gave me one hour for the change over of planes and I literally had to run from one terminal to the next. Never again, I asked for more time and they gave it me, as well as transferring my flight to the same terminal so I have no running to do this time.

My second flight is to Bangkok and will take five and a half hours . I will nap between movies as by this time it will be after midnight. I never sleep for long on the plane, there is too much going on. Besides, it takes a while to watch Miss Peregrine’s home for peculiar children three times because the meals and snacks keep disturbing your enjoyment of it.

I will most likely take the sky train in Bangkok to my destination. By the time I leave the airport terminal the rush hour will be over. I love the sky train and Bangkok, one of my favourite cities on Earth. My destination is only a couple of minutes walk from the sky train and I will be travelling light as usual.

More updates to follow….. I need to hoover the house, then coffee is on the menu…




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